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Dubai Private Jet Charter arranges around the clock air charter services in Dubai, UAE with private flights to/from anywhere in the world.

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Private Jet Charter

Dubai, United Arab Emirates

Our specialist air charter brokers have vast industry experience, allowing us to plan and manage private and group travel solutions seamlessly, foreseeing and overcoming common challenges before they arise.

Together, we combine our vast experience and expertise to ensure that we become, and remain, one of our client’s most trusted travel partners.

We can successfully fulfil the most complex private jet hire briefs with fully certified and proven partners to facilitate an array of requests including:

  • Multiple stopovers
  • Pricing to match budget
  • Trans-global availability
  • Unique logistics requirements

Incredible Luxury Jet

Private Jet in Dubai

No matter where you are or where you need to be — we’ll support you 24/7. Together with years of experience, our trusted and certified network also ensures that can we provide solutions that are compatible with your requirements. Every private jet charter client comes with their own special set of needs from leading business corporations, sportspeople, and entertainment luminaries to those who realize the value of flexibility.

It’s for these very reasons that we have set our standards so high, and why we treat every client as a unique partnership to be nurtured and developed.

Why Dubai Private Jet VIP?

We provide aircraft charters to business professionals, to maximize their time efficiency. Private jet hire enables executives and senior management to fulfill strict schedules and often complete multiple meetings in different cities or carry out several site visits in one day.

Global coverage

Our network of aircraft and aviation partners allows us to coordinate charter flights quickly and easily to and from any destination around the world.

High Class Jet

From light to ultra-luxury jets, we can offer a variety of specifications that can cater to all types of briefs.

Privacy & security

We take your privacy seriously and guarantee discrete and low-profile services. To ensure your safety every step of the way, we’ll work closely with your security provider on all aspects of your charter flight where applicable.


Plain and simple, we’ll work around your schedule. We can plan to suit your timetable, respond to any changes in your plans, and offer quick and convenient upgrades to your charter flight details.

Cost efficiency

Strong partnerships, creative outlook, and attention to detail allow our team to offer services in accordance with your budget and requirements.


Each charter is different and as such we offer tailor-made solutions for each client booking, finding the best options for specific charter flights.